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You feel your tummy getting bigger as the days past. You are happy that your dream of having a new baby is finally coming closer and closer.

However, you also contend with the idea of losing your physical appearance. As the weeks past, you also notice yourself leaning forward regularly, and your back aching more often than before.

Additionally, you also begin to think: After I give birth, will I be able to fulfill my maternal duties for my newborn well? How will my body handle things? Can I get back to shape?

If all the above sounds familiar to you, and you are concerned, worry no more! At Gold's Gym Singapore, we provide the perfect solution for expecting mothers: Pre and Post Natal Training Program ! 
Pre-Natal Personal Training:
Three Key Benefits of Pre-natal Training:

  • Help you get strong and fit enough in order to support the changes and challenges during pregnancy
  • Prepares for a safe labor and delivery
  • Promote a great sense of well-being
What Our Personal Trainers Will Do for Pre-natal Training:
  • We understand the mental and physical changes and pain that come with pregnancy.
    Hence Plan out the entire stretch of training for your pregnancy. 

  • Strengthen your posterior chain 
  • Optimize postural alignment 
  • Strengthen core stability 
  • Work on achieving optimal cardiovascular conditioning 
Post-Natal Personal Training: 
Four Key Benefits of Post Natal Training:  
  • Regain physical fitness and function to perform well in daily life activities 
  • Look good - or maybe even better - shape than before pregnancy 
  • Enhance sense of well-being 
  • Strengthens the weakened core muscles to prevent injuries such as back pain in future. 
What Our Personal Trainers Will Do for Post Natal Training:
  • Customize training to your current physical and mental condition 
  • Make training appropriately challenging yet enjoyable
  • Re-condition the core muscles
  • Re-ignite the pelvic floor muscles
  • Overall strengthening of major muscle groups


100% Money Back Guarantee

We are 100% confident of our services. Therefore, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee to you. We will refund your remaining sessions if you sign up for our program and is committed to it but do not see results. This is our promise to you.

Interested? Here a Low-Risk to try us out

For a limited time only, we are offering you a one time personal training trial session , absolutely FREE! The trial lasts about an hour and we will be doing the following:
 - Goal setting to understand more about your needs
 - Assessments of your body shape, vital stats, problem areas, medical history, dietary habits etc.
 - A Customized Workout for you to determine your fitness level and movement patterns

Experience first hand the quality of our service and listen to how we can help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. From there, you can judge for yourself to see if Gold's Gym is right for you.


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