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Personal Training for Health 

Gym training has numerous health benefits such as:
  • Increasing bone mineral density  and energy levels
  • Improving intellectual capacity , productivity , strength and stamina
  • Building lean muscle mass and increase flexibility
  • Better sleep and adding more protection from heart disease
  • Improving the digestion and elimination process
  • Decreasing fat and lower blood cholesterol/triglycerides
  • Lowering blood pressure and decrease stress

Rehabilitative Training

Painful musculoskeletal conditions such as knee, back and shoulder pain can be improved through a proper weight training routine.

Stop living in pain. We can help.

Personal Training for Children or Teenagers

There is a strong correlation between adolescent obesity and adult obesity. Help your
children reduce the risk of becoming obese when they grow up by shedding some weight now!

The healthy exercise and clean eating habits they develop now can benefit them for a lifetime.

We also help kids increase their strength and fitness through a suitable gym routine.
This can help them in the sports that they do.

Sports Specific Training

Improve your golf, tennis, rugby or almost every other game/sport that you do through weight training. It can help you get to the right weight for your sport (through fat loss or lean muscle mass gain) as well as increase strength, endurance and flexibility.

Group Training for Corporate
Companies or Organizations

We can provide personal trainers for events such as mass warmups or to do corporate fitness classes.