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Watch Your Diet this CNY!

If you’re looking forward to pigging out this Chinese New Year, be sure to indulge smartly. If you can’t avoid all the festive goodies entirely, try picking just 3 to avoid, and having 3 other healthier choices instead.

3 unhealthy food to avoid!

1. Bak Kwa : Don’t eat this unless you’re looking to hit the roof on your calorie count.

2. Fried prawn poppiah : All the ingredients in this local wrap adds up on the cholesterol count

3. Pineapple tarts : 3 words – Fat & Sugar Laden.

Watch Your Diet This Chinese New Year.jpg 3 healthier choices to have more of
1. Mixed nuts : The nuts must not be salted!

2. Mandarin orange : in addition to being a great source of Vitamin A and C, it is low in Sodium, Cholesterol and Fat.

3. Raw fish (reduce sauce portion by half) : Protein, protein, protein!

You can also try 6 smaller meals with high amounts of lean protein, instead of 3 big meals and snacks in between. This way, you reduce chances of snacking because you’re already relatively full from regular meals!

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