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Protein Shakes - All You Need To Know

Protein shakes are especially popular here in Singapore with gym rats. If you’re looking to build muscles, consuming a healthy recipe of shake at the right time can help to improve the effectiveness of muscle building. 

Shakes, if prepared incorrectly, can have a reverse effect on your muscle building efforts.

What’s in a protein shake? 
When should you have one? 
What is the right way of preparing a shake? 
What’s to be avoided in a shake?

Here’s an overview to keep you on track when it comes to protein shakes.

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What is a Protein Shake?
A protein shake is a drink which can be purchased either as drink, already bottled or canned, or in its powder form.

In terms of its contents, it ranges from shakes that contain mostly protein, to shakes that contain high levels of carbs and fat.

Shakes also come in a variety of flavours, depending on the brand. Common flavours include chocolate and vanilla.

Types of Shakes: 
1) WHEY – Fast Acting Protein
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Whey is a product of milk that has been strained after curdling, a by-product of cheese production. It is a natural product and is easily digested and absorbed by into the blood, ensuring fast delivery to the muscle that need them for growth.

When to consume: Morning and before and after work out

2) CASEIN – Slow Acting Protein  
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Casein in also a product of curdled milk but is chemically structured in such a way that makes it slower to digest. 

When to consume:  As a snack and before bed.

Bad protein shakes?
When preparing your shake, do not use hot water. Hot water denatures the protein, leaving you with a sugared shake, rather than a protein shake.

Banana-Oat Protein Smoothie:
1) Bananas
2) Oaks
3) Milk
4) Protein powder

Add ice when necessary. Blend the ingredients until a smooth texture.

Other forms of protein?
Protein bars of course! Choose one with little sugar so that you consume all the protein while minimising the fat. 

Building your own diet is not an easy task. When in doubt, seek advice. A trainer would be able to plan your diet taking into account your nutritional needs and recommend the right shake for your consumption. Good luck!