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Functional Training - What Is It?? (Part 1)

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There’s a new kid in town – it’s name is Functional Training. That’s right. It’s all the rage now so if you have been scouting for a new gym to hit up or looking for a traininer, you might have come across this sexy new word bouncing around the fitness circuit.

So what is this? By the straight up technical definition, Functional Training is described as a “a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.” It uses equipment such as the TRX and medicine ball for you to work out.
Sounds really straight forward isn’t it? Well, it can be!

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In your haunt for a new gym/ trainer, think about what you want to achieve first. What are your weight loss goals? Once you have decided, try to align this with the mission of the gym or trainer you decide to engage – Find out what Functional Training means to them exactly. 

Here at Gold’s Gym, Functional Training means training with your body weight with the specific objective of looking good. Looking good means weight loss and toning. Every exercise that we ask you to do is geared towards these goals.

golds gym functional training 3.jpgFunctional Training can vary greatly according to your needs. For instance, it translates into a completely different set of exercises for athletes, compared to pregnant ladies. For the elderly, functional training would mean improving balance, stability and flexibility. For pregnant ladies, functional training would be focused on counterbalancing the muscular imbalance during pregnancy.

Therefore, really understand what you are getting into before you do. It helps to get a free consultation before you sign up, try this strategy to avoid surprises. 

To begin your weight loss journey with Function Training, call Khit for a consultation at Gold’s Gym Singapore today.