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5 Reasons Why you need a Fitness Partner

When it comes to being committed to a fitness regime, there is strength in numbers. Having a buddy system, or buddies system, helps to keep each other motivated and committed. You increase your likelihood of keeping on track with your workout schedules, of staying true to your strict diet and best of all, it multiples the feel good factor of achieving your goals because you have that many more people celebrating it with you.

Having a workout buddy might just be the thing that you need to revive your plans for a healthier You. We share five tips on how to find your perfect fitness partner.

Golds Gym Singapore Fitness Buddy pic 1.jpg1) Plan to Work Out Together
It’s not rocket science. If one of you likes Zumba and the other like rock climbing, then there’s no chemistry. You can’t even go to the same place to work it out. It’s good that when searching for a fitness partner, look out for someone who does similar type of exercises and is preferably of similar fitness levels as you are. This makes planning to work out together a whole lot easier, less stressful and really take advantage of a partner relationship in the gym.

2) Same Agenda
This person is not your chat buddy nor your Aunt Agony. You would want your fitness partner to be as committed to their fitness goals as they are to you, by having the same agenda, they are more likely to stay committed to your workout schedule. Choose wisely and both of you are will increase your odds of coming out tops on your fitness goals. Choose badly and both will be losers.

3) Healthy Competition
Golds Gym Singapore Fitness Buddy pic 2.jpgGet competitive but remember that ultimately, you want to outdo yourself, not your partner. Instead of comparing the number of reps of how heavy your weights are… track and compare your personal rate of improvement instead. This is a more effective method of pushing your own limits and working out harder. This sense of competitiveness would not have been present without a workout buddy.

4) Sharing is Caring
Even if both of you want to lose weight of get fitter for different reasons, the fact is that both of you have made the same commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Having a fitness partner allows for interaction with someone with a similar interest as yourself, and through these interactions, you are more likely to share more interesting and useful health and exercise tips than if you had to work out alone. The more tips you have, the better you can get at being healthier.

5) A Personal Trainer can be a Fitness Partner
Golds Gym Singapore Fitness Buddy pic 3.jpg
Fitness partners don’t always have to be friends. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of having a personal trainer as a fitness partner is safety. Personal trainers are able to ensure that you are doing your exercises correctly, in the right postures, utilising the right muscles, keep track of the time intervals between reps and really optimise fat burn for each workout. It is not uncommon for a personal trainer to be a fitness partner, so if you have been looking for the right partner to come along, maybe all you need is a personal trainer.