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5 Functional Training Tools for a Full Body workout (Part 2)

In last week’s article, we gave you a simple introduction to what Functional Training is and how you need to understand this new fitness trend in your own terms.

This week, we dive deeper into the topic, and share some of the tools used at Gold’s Gym Singapore for a functional training workout.

Tool 1: Medicine ball
golds gym singapore medicine ball.jpg
Not to be confused with the Swiss ball, the medicine ball is much smaller, heavier and tougher ball. It is used for strength training as it is usually made of tough leather, and filled with sand, or a similarly heavy material. 

Medicine balls usually come in the range of 1kg, up to 13kg. Naturally, the bigger they are, the heavier they get.

Medicine balls are usually used for explosive training, and can be used as a replacement of dumbbells.

Tool 2: Bosu ball
golds gym singapore bosu ball.jpg
It is an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform. The Bosu ball, which stands for “Both Sides Up”, can be positioned either on its flat side, or on its curved side, for a workout. 

The Bosu ball is good for low level, beginner exercises and advance stabilization, strength and explosive power exercises.

Tool 3: Swiss ball
golds gym singapore swiss ball.jpg
This is an elastic ball filled with air which can be easily inflated and deflated through a valve. They vary in quality and sizes. 

In terms of quality, they vary between firm and filmsy (not as firm) when fully pumped. 

In terms of sizes, they are usually in the range of 45, 50, 55, 60 up to 80 centimeters. Sizes are usually stated on the packaging.

They are also a good alternative to office chairs!

golds gym singapore swiss ball 22.jpg

Using the Swiss ball engages in more body muscles which, with regular use, is strengthened. The Swiss ball can be used on its own to exercise most muscle groups, except the back and bicep muscles, which will need to be companied by another exercise tool.

These exercise balls can be used individually, or together, and can be accompanied by dumbbells.

Tool 4: Vipr
golds gym singapore vipr1.jpg

ViPR was invented by Michol Dalcourt, an expert in human movement, who has trained Olympic gold medal athletes.

Pronounced as Viper, it stands for Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning.

golds gym singapore vipr2.jpg

Since conventional weights training is pretty static, Vipr was designed to develop rhythmic motion which trains the nerves, muscles, fascia and skin to be more efficient and effective at producing force and stability.

Tool 5: TRX
golds gym singapore TRX.jpg

TRX is a brand and pioneer of Suspension Training. 

To use the TRX, attach it to an anchor point and adjust your body using gravity and your body weight for a full body work out.

The TRX is a popular work out tool because it take up very little space compared to balls or even machines, and is highly portable – you can fold it and fit it into your handbag (you just need a strong anchor point to hook it to for a work out).

Tool 6: Battling ropes
golds gym singapore battling ropes.jpg

Battle ropes are thick and heavy ropes that come in various lengths and thickness. The longer and thicker the rope, the heavier it will be. Common materials used to manufacture the ropes include manila, nylon and polyester. Move theses ropes at any angle for full body conditioning. 

At the end of the day, functional training can be effective if you have clear goals in mind. If you are not sure how to craft a clear fitness goal, read our article “ Intelligent Fitness Goals Setting ” or speak to Khit, Gold’s Gym Singapore’s Founder and Director.